Safety Precautions of Liquid Nitrogen Gasification

  Characteristics of Liquid nitrogen: It will quickly evaporate in the air while absorbing a large amount of heat. The volatilization of nitrogen reduces the amount of oxygen in the air, causing loss of consciousness and serious damage, and even death.




 Safety Precautions:

  1. Operators should wear protective equipment and do not touch nitrogen pipes, valves and other facilities with bare hands.

  2. Volatile gases in the air will reduce the concentration of oxygen. In the absence of oxygen, it will cause loss of consciousness and serious damage, and even death.

  3. Before removing any parts and loosening the joint, evacuate the cryogenic container containing the liquid and release the pressure of the volatile gas in a safe manner. The external valves and joints become very cold. If not properly protected, it will cause personnel and frostbite. Protective gloves and eye masks must be worn at all times to disassemble parts and loosen joints. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in personal injury due to extreme cold and internal pressure in the tank.

  4. If you accidentally expose your skin or eyes to liquefied gases, it cause cold burns. If liquid spray or splashing occurs, or if the frozen gas is strongly ejected from the device, wear a protective goggle or a face mask. It is recommended to wear protective gloves and long sleeves that are easy to take off, protect the arm, and wear a trouser-free trousers. The pants should cover the shoes to block the spilled liquid.

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