Liquid nitrogen tank - freezer in the laboratory

  The freezer in the lab is not a big hail as one might imagine, but a room with lots of liquid nitrogen tanks. These liquid nitrogen tanks are the same size. These liquid nitrogen tanks are made of special materials and are completely enclosed. The temperature inside the tank is kept at -196 °C, and there are more than 30,000 embryos frozen inside.

  "We know that cells metabolize at room temperature to produce energy, discharge waste, and grow continuously. But when the cells are placed in an ultra-low temperature environment of -196 ° C, the cells stop metabolism, stop growing, and save, regardless of ten years or centuries. No change will happen."

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  If ovulation-promoting drugs are used, there will often be many high-quality embryos. In addition to 2-3 transplants, the remaining high-quality embryos can be cryopreserved, and later thawed, increasing the chance of conception, or some serious ovarian hyperstimulation. Embryos and other special causes that cause the treatment cycle to not be able to transplant embryos can also freeze the embryos for later resuscitation transplantation.

  Of course, there are also many couples who worry that the embryo will be frozen for a long time, will the quality of the embryo be bad, and will the baby born be unhealthy? Reproductive center experts suggest that, in fact, when the embryo is frozen, the embryonic experimenter selects the embryo, and only the embryos of good quality that meet the cryopreservation standard can be cryopreserved.

  Once stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 ° C, the embryo is in a "sleeping" state, as long as it does not resuscitate, it will remain in the state of cryopreservation, when the embryo is thawed and revived, a few less powerful embryos are in During the recovery process, it will be eliminated. The successful embryos that have been recovered are the excellent quality embryos that have been carefully screened, have the potential for bed development and smooth development.


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