Distinguishing Different Gas in the Tank by Color

  In general, there are strict requirements for the use of chemical products. Sometimes a small change will lead to very serious consequences. Therefore, in general, every drug or instrument in the chemical laboratory will be marked with a name in order to reduce mistakes. Here I want to explain to you how to distinguish the gas in the tank by observing the color of the tank.

  Usually, we see some large iron cans in the corners of the school or research institute, and sometimes there are no brand names on the tank. Then we can identify whether they are liquid nitrogen tanks or oxygen tanks or air tanks by various methods (physical or chemical methods).


  1. Identification by physical color. Normally: the outer surface of the gas tank is sprayed with a safe color paint. This means that under normal circumstances, because the safety color of the oxygen tube is blue, oxygen tank is painted by blue; the safety color of the liquid nitrogen tank is yellow, so yellow paint will be sprayed on the tank of the liquid nitrogen tank; and the safe color of the air tank is gray-brown, so the ash-gray paint will be sprayed on the tank of the air tank.

  2. Identification by chemical reaction. We can identify them with some simple chemical methods. For example, in the case of a gas tank, we can release some gas, collect a bottle with a gas cylinder, and then ignite it with a small wooden strip with Mars, insert it into the bottom of the gas cylinder, if the small wooden strip with re-ignites, the inside is oxygen, then this gas cylinder is an oxygen cylinder; if a small wooden strip with is inserted into the bottom of the gas cylinder then the small wooden strip extinguishes immediately, then this is a liquid nitrogen tank; if a small wooden strip with is inserted to the bottom of the gas cylinder, the situation does not indicate a distinct change, then the inside is the air, so this is the air tank.

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