Introduction of Panshi's Liquid Nitrogen Tank Product

1. Usage of product

The liquid nitrogen tank has the characteristics of light weight, portability, and good refrigerating performance. Liquid nitrogen is used in animal husbandry, medical, scientific research departments to store semen, embryos, strains, vaccines, skin, organs and other active materials and industrial materials as a refrigerant. It is also used in industries such as cryogenic treatment, cold assembly, cooling of instruments and components, beauty, cold therapy, etc.


2. Structural characteristics

1). The liquid nitrogen container consists of a liner, a bladder, a lifting cylinder and a neck tube connecting the inner and outer bladders. The inner and outer tubes are made of high-strength aluminum alloy and are durable.

2). There is a high vacuum between the liner and the outer bladder. The vacuum chamber is equipped with multiple layers of insulation material, so it has good refrigeration performance.

3). The neck plug is made of plastic with good heat insulation, which has the dual function of reducing liquid nitrogen evaporation and fixing the lifting cylinder.

4). The neck tube is made of epoxy glass reinforced plastic. It has a very low thermal conductivity and can control the external heat entering from the neck tube to a minimum.

5). A vacuum adsorbent is installed in the vacuum portion, which can adsorb the gas volatilized by metal or other substances in the vacuum chamber, thereby maintaining a high vacuum for a long time.

6). The lifting cylinder is placed in liquid nitrogen to store frozen products. The upper part is fixed by the small groove of the neck plug and the notch of the dial, which ensures stable and reliable transportation.


3.Matters needed to pay attention

1). The container can only be used to fill liquid nitrogen, and it can not be filled with liquid air and liquid oxygen, so as to prevent them from burning with certain substances in the container.

2). Liquid nitrogen is a kind of ultra-low temperature liquid (-196 degrees), such as splashing on the skin will cause similar frostbite like burns, so when filling liquid nitrogen and taking out liquid nitrogen, workers should wear leather gloves, can not barefoot or wear slippers In order to avoid liquid nitrogen splashes hurt people.

3). It is forbidden to use storage tanks for transportation tanks. If liquid nitrogen needs to be transported, a dedicated liquid nitrogen tank must be used. For example, YDS-30B produced by our factory is a special liquid nitrogen transportation tank. This tank has a special anti-vibration structure that is durable and resistant to damage.

4). can only use the neck plug of our factory to close the tank mouth, can not be replaced by other plugs, can not use a closed plug, so as to avoid the increase of nitrogen pressure caused by the continuous evaporation of liquid nitrogen and cause damage to the container.

5). When inspecting the liquid level in the container, insert a solid plastic stick or a solid small stick into the bottom, and take it out after 5-10 seconds. The length of the frost is both the liquid level. Never use a hollow rod or plastic tube to prevent liquid nitrogen from escaping from the tube.

6). Although nitrogen is an odorless, non-toxic gas, in the case of insufficient ventilation, the evaporated nitrogen will cause an increase in the indoor air nitrogen content, and the oxygen content is relatively reduced, which may cause suffocation to the human body. Therefore, indoor ventilation and ventilation should be strengthened at the storage location and operating point of the liquid nitrogen biological container to keep the air fresh.


4. Using and maintenance

1). When putting in and taking out frozen items, try to make the opening time of the tank mouth as short as possible to reduce the consumption of liquid nitrogen, and do not put the lifting tube completely, so as not to affect the storage effect of the items.

2). To prevent excessive impact and collision, because the tank is in a high vacuum condition, the outer bladder will bear the effect of the surrounding atmospheric pressure difference, so the container (outer bladder) will produce depression under excessive impact and collision, such as the evaporation performance after the depression, It can still be used, such as deterioration of evaporation performance, that is, the container cannot be repaired.

3). Often check the weight of the container, in time to understand how many days of liquid nitrogen can be used, when the amount of liquid nitrogen is reduced to 1/3 of the total capacity, the liquid nitrogen is added to avoid necrosis of stored items.

4). It is found that there is sweating around the neck of the container or the adhesion of hoarfrost, which proves that the vacuum of the container has deteriorated and cannot be reused. It should be replaced immediately.

5). Washing and drying of the container: During the use of the liquid nitrogen container, the water will slowly accumulate in the inner tank, and the bacteria will be propagated, and mixed into the liquid nitrogen. Due to the above reasons, the inner liner will be corroded to a considerable extent. At the same time, the reproduction of the bacteria will reduce the fertilization rate of the semen. Therefore, it is preferable to wash the liquid nitrogen container 1-2 times a year.


5. Transportation

1. Panshi liquid nitrogen tanks are recommended to be accurately fixed in the tank mouth of the container before transportation and cover the neck plug.

2. When transporting by car or train, you should not lie down. To prevent it from falling over, it must be secured with a belt. To mitigate the impact, use a sponge or other cushioned bottom.

3. When transporting by aircraft, in addition to strictly preventing the container from tipping over, it should be packed in wooden boxes to prevent the liquid nitrogen from boiling rapidly and causing abnormal conditions as the aircraft rises.


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