Special Storage Material Selection Storage for -196 °C Liquid Nitrogen

  The key to cold preservation of ultra-low temperature pipelines is to consider the design process, rather than considering the materials selected for direct cooling. Generally, the ultra-low temperature design mostly adopts vacuum jacket and external heat preservation. Since the insulation of the vacuum layer is excellent, the temperature requirement of the heat insulating material can be greatly reduced, and the outer cold-preserving material can be made of phenolic resin or rock wool. Of course, if you are considering the insulation material for the temperature of minus 100 degrees Celsius, you can choose:


  1. Nacre. Nacre is a porous, white, granular loose material made of acid volcanic vitreous lava by crushing, preheating and roasting. It has small capacity, low thermal conductivity, good chemical stability, non-combustible, no Poisonous, odorless, sound absorbing and other characteristics. Nacre (expanded perlite for ultra-low temperature super-power engineering) is a product obtained by powder selection of small particles by ore sand in a vertical shaft kiln using natural gas as a heat source and heating and expanding. The reinforced product is sprayed with silicone on the surface of expanded perlite to form a hydrophobic structure. The color, weight and specifications of the product are similar to ordinary expanded perlite. However, compared with ordinary expanded perlite, the product has the characteristics of small bulk density, low thermal conductivity and uniform particles. This product is mainly used for the construction of large-scale ultra-low temperature thermal engineering insulation layer, such as oxygen-making air separation unit, natural gas, liquid hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen refrigeration transport vehicle and so on. This product has good ultra-low temperature insulation performance, and the product quality is better than the European classification society standard. Use temperature -200 ~ 800 °C.

  2. Closed-cell foam glass: It has light weight, low thermal conductivity, no moisture permeability, no water absorption, no burning, no mildew, no aphids, no rodent, easy processing, chemical resistance (except hydrogen fluoride). It is non-toxic, stable in performance, and can be used in a wide temperature range from ultra-low temperature (-200 ° C) to high temperature (+450 ° C). At the same time, its important value is not only good thermal insulation performance that has not deteriorated for many years, but also plays a role of fire prevention and shock resistance. It is not only safe and reliable, but also durable in the harsh environment of low temperature and deep cold, underground open air, flammable, damp and chemical attack. It is known as “a permanent insulation material that does not need to be replaced”. Therefore, it is widely used in the insulation and cold preservation of permanent projects such as petroleum, chemical, cold storage, underground engineering, shipbuilding, and national defense.

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