Portable liquid nitrogen tank

The portable liquid nitrogen tank is a kind of ordinary aluminum alloy storage type liquid nitrogen tank, because the upper part has a portable carrying handle, which is used for carrying, and is convenient for carrying the frozen sample at a long distance. It is also the most convenient way to transport small quantities of frozen samples.

The most commonly used portable liquid nitrogen tanks are YDS-3 liquid nitrogen tank, YDS-6 liquid nitrogen tank, YDS-10 liquid nitrogen tank and other models. The amount of storage is also different.

Such as YDS-3 liquid nitrogen tank:

Specific technical parameters of YDS-3 liquid nitrogen tank:

Model: YDS-3

Volume (L): 3.15

Caliber (mm): 50

Outer diameter (mm): 224

Height (mm): 460

Empty weight (kg): 3.4

Save the number of days: ≥ 26



You need to keep the YDS-3 liquid nitrogen tank filled with liquid nitrogen in order to ensure that your liquid nitrogen can be stored in the YDS-3 liquid nitrogen tank.

In addition to the necessary use, the plug of the YDS-3 liquid nitrogen tank should be opened as little as possible to allow the liquid nitrogen inside to be stored for a longer period of time.

During use, observe the amount of liquid nitrogen in the YDS-3 liquid nitrogen tank to ensure that your liquid nitrogen level is maintained at a level that does not affect the samples you store in the liquid nitrogen tank.

Application field

YDS-3 liquid nitrogen tank is mainly used in the livestock industry to store semen from cattle, sheep and horses for breeding work.

The aerospace industry uses YDS-3 liquid nitrogen tanks to cryogenic cryogenic samples and mechanical parts.

In the field of life sciences, YDS-3 liquid nitrogen tanks are used to freeze instruments to process samples, and analytical instruments to process analytical samples.

In the field of bioengineering, the YDS-3 liquid nitrogen tank can hold biological samples and provide liquid nitrogen for biological experiments.

In the medical field, YDS-3 liquid nitrogen tanks are widely used for cryopreservation of stem cells, blood samples, genetic material and embryonic cell samples.

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