Correct use of liquid nitrogen tanks

1.inspection before use

Before filling the liquid nitrogen with liquid nitrogen tank, first check the outer casing for any depression.

Whether the air vent is intact. If it is damaged, the degree of vacuum will decrease.

Gas can not be kept warm, causing frost on the upper part of the tank, loss of liquid nitrogen, and loss of continued

The value of use. Secondly, check the inside of the tank. If there is any foreign matter, it must be taken out.

In case the inner tank is corroded.


2. liquid nitrogen filling

Be careful when filling liquid nitrogen. For new cans or cans in a dry state

Be sure to slowly fill and pre-cool to prevent the cooling from damaging the liner too quickly.

Years of use. Do not pour liquid nitrogen on the vacuum vent when filling the liquid to avoid

Causes the vacuum to drop. At the same time, do not pour liquid nitrogen on the neck tube, the filling tube should be

After the head is inserted into the bottom of the container, liquid nitrogen is refilled. The stopper is made of heat insulating material

It can prevent liquid nitrogen from evaporating and can also act as a fixed lifting cylinder.

Whenever possible, minimize wear and tear to extend service life.


3. inspection during use

Always check during use. Can be observed by eye or by hand

If the shell is found to be frosted, it should be stopped; especially the inner wall of the neck tube is frosted.

It is not advisable to use a knife to scrape when icing, in order to prevent damage to the inner wall of the neck tube, resulting in vacuum

Bad, but the liquid nitrogen should be taken out and allowed to melt naturally. If the evaporation is found

However, the abnormality increases or the metal surface on the outer casing suddenly frosts, indicating that the liquid nitrogen tank has been damaged.

Bad, should be stopped immediately, this should be eliminated and can no longer be used.

4. liquid nitrogen placement

Store liquid nitrogen in a cool, well-ventilated place, not in the sun.

Under the sun. Due to its precision of manufacture and its inherent characteristics, whether it is used or stored

At the time, the liquid chlorine tanks are not allowed to tilt, horizontally, invert, pile up, collide with each other or

Other objects collide, to be handled gently and always stand upright.

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