What is liquid nitrogen freezing

Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy is a new technology in the field of modern therapeutics. Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy is a combined effect of cryobiology. Normal cells in the state of extreme freezing will have irreversible damage. It is to kill the cells in the ward quickly by extremely freezing, so that the ward can be restored normally. Generally used to treat lice, corns and so on.

To put it simply: liquid nitrogen has a sub-196 degree frozen skin lesion, which causes its protein to coagulate, necrotic, degeneration, and shedding.


1. After cryotherapy, the wound should be kept clean and dry. Do not touch the water within one week. Apply antibiotic ointment daily to prevent infection. Let the knots fall off naturally, and do not scratch, tear, or scrub with your hands.

2, local tissue pain after treatment, can disappear after 1-2 days, if necessary, you can take painkillers.

3. When there is swelling, blisters and bullae in the local tissue after treatment, the blister fluid can be withdrawn or worn through a sterile syringe, but do not tear off the blister wall. Tissue loose areas such as around the eyelids or soft skin are more pronounced.

4. If a treatment is not cured and repeated treatment is required, the suede should be allowed to fall off before proceeding to the next time.


5, after the general cryotherapy, the center of the lesion is pigment loss, surrounded by pigmentation. In particular, after the face is treated with cryotherapy, attention should be paid to sunscreen and sunscreen to avoid aggravating local pigmentation.

6, if the frozen site has blood vessels or too deep, individual patients may have delayed edema, exudation, blood blister, bleeding, chronic ulcers, hypertrophic scars, sore face, etc., should be active early symptomatic treatment. Special attention should be paid to facial treatments.

7, individual patients may have local neurological dysfunction, such as skin numbness, pain, usually gradually recover within 3-6 months.

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