Liquid nitrogen accessories and precautions for use

The liquid nitrogen tank has two kinds of storage liquid hydrogen and transport liquid nitrogen tank, each of which is equipped with special fittings, and is also available in different sizes and specifications.

Liquid grip accessories and introduction are as follows:

1. Simplification: This product is made of stainless steel and is made of glass rod wound with low temperature resistant glass cloth to prevent liquid nitrogen conduction and convenient use. This series of products has a multi-layered square to simplify the storage sample capacity, designed for biological colleges and hospitals.

2, the basket: the product is made of stainless steel, low temperature resistant glass cloth wrapped around the glass rod, can prevent liquid nitrogen transmission, easy to use. This series of products has multi-layer square tubes, large storage capacity samples, designed for biological research, hospital storage and design.

Basket size:

Four layers 5cm*5cm*4cm

Six layers 5cm*5cm*6cm


3, neck plug: neck plug is made of polyurethane foam, please use a little light during use, so as not to break the core plug

Diameter (mm): 30 50 80 125 210

Height (cm): 19

Precautions for accessories

Lift operation:

When using the lifting tube, please take it quickly to avoid reducing the biological activity of the stored sample. When the lifting tube is placed in the container, quickly close the lid to reduce the consumption of liquid nitrogen. Please take care when removing the tube, do not scratch the neck tube. wall.

Replenish liquid nitrogen:

Please replenish liquid nitrogen in time. Under normal circumstances, when the liquid nitrogen balance is equal to 1/3 of the full capacity, it should be replenished in time to avoid lowering.

Preserve the biological activity of the sample.

Protect the neck tube:

After long-term use of the passenger device, the inner wall of the neck tube will be frosted and condensed into ice. Please blow with a hot air blower (such as a hair dryer).

Protect the neck plug:

The neck plug is made of polyurethane foam. During use, please handle it gently to avoid twisting the plug.

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