The principle and characteristics of the frozen depilation machine

  The freezing deburring machine uses the low-temperature freezing effect of liquid nitrogen to embrittle the rubber and plastic materials. In this state, high-speed injection of a polymer projectile hits the weakest part of the product to remove high-quality rubber and plastic products and aluminum. The physical properties of the raw material of the raw material of the zinc alloy are hardened and embrittled according to the decrease in temperature. After the crystallization temperature is lowered, the rubber and plastic materials begin to harden, and deformation and damage will not occur below the embrittlement temperature. The physicochemical properties do not change after returning to normal temperature.


  Features of the frozen deburring machine: high efficiency: a frozen deburring machine can handle the equivalent amount of trimming equivalent of 80-100 skilled workers per day. Low cost: using the freezing deburring machine can greatly reduce the production cost, such as saving Edge, management, raw materials, mold costs and plant floor space. High quality: The frozen deburring machine can perfectly remove the burrs of the products according to the production requirements, and can handle some special structures that cannot be handled manually and does not damage the products. Environmental protection: Freezing deburring is a physical method, no waste discharge, no pollution to the environment, application fields and scope of low temperature freezing treatment: Applicable products: automotive, aerospace, computer, communication, home appliances, etc. 3C industry Applicable materials: magnesium Alloys, aluminum alloys, zinc alloys and other materials.

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