The man put the live shrimp in the liquid nitrogen and put it into the clear water. The next scene is dumbfounded.

The man put the lobster into the liquid nitrogen and frozen it into an ice sculpture, and then a magical scene happened!


Some people always like to do some strange experiments. Burning red iron balls, watermelons, and liquid nitrogen have become part of the fun of their lives. They are doing all kinds of wonderful experiments. This day, men took liquid nitrogen and one. Only fresh crayfish.


After pouring the liquid nitrogen into a small iron basin, the man threw the lively lobster into it. After a few minutes, the man felt almost the same. The lobster that had become frozen "ice sculpture" was taken out and turned into a Hard frozen shrimp.


Then the man put the lobster back into the clear water to see if he could survive. The result was an unexpected scene!


In the end, the lobster actually came alive and instantly jumped and jumped. It was really eye-opening. It was frozen into a hail, and it was revived after a while.


The lobster is "resurrected", do you know what is going on?

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