To Know your Dewar is to Love your Dewar

Many people use the word “dewar” to describe a “liquid cylinder”, and vice versa. There are some key differences.

What is a Liquid Cylinder?

Liquid cylinders are pressurized containers specifically designed for cryogenic liquids. Liquid cylinders let you withdraw liquid and/or gas.

A liquid cylinder has valves for filling and dispensing the cryogenic liquid, and a pressure-control valve with a brittle rupture-disk as backup protection.


What is a Dewar?

Dewars are non-pressurized vessels, like a Thermos Bottle. They typically have a loose fitting cap or plug that prevents air and moisture from entering, yet allows excess pressure to vent.

Laboratory dewars have wide-mouthed openings and do not have lids or covers. Laboratories primarily use these small containers for temporary storage.


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