Interesting reactions to liquid nitrogen and "pools"

The man pours fifty pounds of liquid nitrogen into the swimming pool, and the next one is eye-opening.


Men like to do some interesting experiments on weekdays. He said that this will not only make life more interesting, but most importantly, he will sometimes get unexpected surprises. This time he is preparing to pour fifty kilograms of liquid nitrogen into the swimming pool. Inside, see what happens next?


With this in mind, the man immediately got busy. In life, we also know that liquid nitrogen is a kind of liquid nitrogen. When it meets the air, it will become foggy. It looks very good. Artistic conception


When everything was ready, the man came to the edge of the pool with a box filled with liquid nitrogen, and then all fell in. There was no other reaction at the beginning, but after a few minutes, you could see the water. White fog


After a few minutes, the water in the swimming pool was like boiling, and it kept boiling. The man said that there was such a scene that he had not thought of before. Do you know why this happened?

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