Liquid nitrogen dewar tank use

       Liquid nitrogen dewar tanks are commonly referred to as biological liquid nitrogen containers. The use of liquid nitrogen dewar tanks is becoming more and more widespread in the rapid development of science and technology. It can be used not only in medical, biological research, university experiments and epidemic prevention units, but also in the beauty, wedding and other industries in life. Its use conforms to the development of society and meets different customer groups. The tanks used for medical and scientific research are mainly storage type liquid nitrogen containers, which are used for standing indoors to preserve active biological materials such as bovine semen, embryos, stem cells, skin, internal organs and vaccines.

  For the beauty industry

  Liquid nitrogen freezing beauty is a kind of physical therapy commonly used in hospital dermatology and beauty salons. It uses the ultra-low temperature of liquid nitrogen to act on the skin and beauty, such as freckles, black sputum, pigment spots, etc., to cool down suddenly. The ice crystals are formed inside and outside the tissue cells, and the structure is broken and lysed; at the same time, the cells are dehydrated, the electrolyte is concentrated, the pH is changed, the protein is denatured, and the cells are metabolized and died. The necrosis of the necrosis and natural shedding are achieved for the purpose of treating beauty. The refrigerant used in frozen beauty is liquid nitrogen. It is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable, non-explosive, transparent liquid with a temperature of about -196 ° C. Users can use it with confidence. The frozen beauty has the advantages of low cost, good cosmetic effect, no negative effect, and no recurrence after freezing. Liquid nitrogen guns are widely used in hospital clinical departments. Mainly used in dermatology: flat warts, contagious soft palate; various hemangiomas, plaques; various colors, hairy cockroaches; chronic eczema, neurodermatitis; corns, lichen planus, nodular pruritus ; freckles, seborrheic dermatitis; for gynecology: cervicitis, vulvar tumors; for ophthalmology: cataract, glaucoma, corneal eye, pterygium; for ENT: tonsillitis, chronic rhinitis, chronic pharyngitis, laryngeal papilla Tumor, ear perichondritis; used in dentistry: precancerous mutation, benign tumor, malignant tumor, papillary hyperplasia, gingival tumor, chronic cheilitis, refractory ulcer; used for surgery: burn, nucleus. Liquid nitrogen therapy device can be used in hospital clinical departments to replace surgery, safe and non-toxic, less harmless, no damage to healthy tissue, good sterilization effect.


  Application in the festive market

  In order to add a few mysterious breaths and beauty to the scene of joy, the liquid nitrogen dewar tank [1] played a big role here. The company has designed a dedicated hydraulic pump for this purpose. The pump uses a compressed rubber ball to generate a negative suction of liquid nitrogen and then vaporizes through the vaporization chamber to generate pressure to automatically deliver liquid nitrogen. The pump body is equipped with a valve, a pressure gauge, a safety valve, an infusion tube, and an A-type pump, which is a universal pump, which can be connected with various containers with a diameter of 50 mm; the B-type pump is a special pump that uses a movable clamp to connect with the container, and is airtight. Ok, loading and unloading is very convenient. The pump is used to replenish liquid nitrogen to liquid nitrogen bio-containers and can be used with electronic instruments and cryogenic tanks. When using, just tighten the bayonet between the hydraulic pump and the liquid nitrogen dewar tank, and gently pinch the rubber ball on the liquid nitrogen pump. The liquid nitrogen will release the reaction with the air to produce beautiful nitrogen vapor smoke. This device is safe, effective and convenient.

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