Accident case - liquid nitrogen tank explosion prevention

On the morning of May 17, 2008, two working workers of a lighting electric appliance company entered the motorcycle lighting workshop, and the liquid nitrogen container in the workshop suddenly exploded, causing two deaths.

When the accident investigation team conducted on-site inspection of the wreckage of the explosive container, it was found that there was a weld penetration defect on the surface of the cylinder inside the liquid nitrogen container, and the liquid nitrogen in the inner cylinder leaked into the interlayer, and the liquid nitrogen rapidly vaporized in a short time, resulting in the interlayer. The space pressure rises and the outer cylinder of the container explodes when the pressure rises to the limit of the strength of the jacket material.

Other safety hazards of liquid nitrogen that you need to be aware of are:

Liquid nitrogen has an extremely cold temperature (-196oC) and produces a large amount of gas when evaporated. When you touch with bare hands, you can peel off your skin; it is odorless, odorless and colorless in the gas state, it can replace the oxygen in the air! Therefore, it is very important to carefully handle the liquid nitrogen tank to prevent it from exploding.


The above liquid nitrogen tank explosion is a good case study. You must learn the safety lessons and take action to avoid a liquid nitrogen explosion.

Nitrogen is stored in the tank in a liquid state. It requires special cans for safe storage. The liquid nitrogen tank is composed of two layers of shells with a very low vacuum between the two shells (double-layer vacuum insulated ultra-low temperature storage container). Be careful when handling with a liquid nitrogen tank. Otherwise, liquid nitrogen tank explosion may occur.

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