Liquid nitrogen tank frozen dumplings are not known secrets

For those who want to eat dumplings and lazy bags, it is a good choice to buy frozen dumplings, but many people do not know the secret of frozen dumplings in liquid nitrogen tanks. Liquid nitrogen is an odorless, colorless, non-toxic liquid, and its The temperature is minus 196 degrees, the price is relatively cheap, many frozen dumplings are processed like this, maybe everyone will have doubts, why not use the refrigerator? It can be said that anything that can use the refrigerator, liquid nitrogen tanks, There is no convenient liquid nitrogen tank. First: the freezing speed is fast, and the low temperature of minus 196 is definitely an advantage. It is absolutely frozen in ten minutes, and secondly, the cost is low. Therefore, liquid nitrogen freezing is widely used in all walks of life, not only limited to frozen dumplings!


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