YDS series transport liquid nitrogen tank features

The YDS series transport liquid nitrogen tank has a large volume and stores a large number of samples. For the convenience of movement, we have added casters and a special anti-vibration structure in the transport type liquid nitrogen tank, which is durable and not easily damaged.

Transport liquid nitrogen tanks are mainly designed for the need to manually transfer biological samples or transport liquid nitrogen (mountain, grassland users), with resistance to dumping, suitable for long-distance transportation, safe and reliable, etc., in addition to the following characteristics:

1. Made of high-strength aluminum alloy, the product quality is light;

2, numbered lifting cylinder, easy to identify the stored samples;

3. It is equipped with a protective cover to prevent bumping or bruising of the product during use;


4. Optional lock cover to protect the safety of stored samples;

5, the product has high vacuum multi-layer insulation design, no less than five years of vacuum warranty.

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