The world's first person to conduct a freeze experiment, spent 52 years in a liquid nitrogen tank, can resurrection

With the development of human science and technology civilization, people have greatly improved in many fields of civilization. The construction of human civilization is closely related to scientists. To be precise, scientists are the creators of human civilization. Scientists use their excellent mind and wisdom to invent items that help humans improve their lives. They have also made a series of research findings on human health and other conditions, keeping humans away from many diseases and problems. However, in many scientific researches, there is a scientific experiment that has not been recognized so far, and this experiment has become a major breakthrough in biology. This is the human cryopreservation experiment.


The so-called human freezing experiment is actually when a person dies due to terminal illness, running high-end technology to freeze the human body, and stored in a liquid nitrogen tank at minus 196 degrees Celsius to achieve a thorough freezing effect. But in this extremely cold environment, it is very difficult to let the cells in the body continue to survive. Scientists want to use super-dimensional technology to let all the cells in the body go to sleep, so as to achieve a long-term preservation effect. Finally, after waiting for several years, they will be thawed and resurrected, but can such scientific experiments really be realized? ?


The world's first frozen human experimenter is a patient from abroad. His name is Deford. He has been frozen for 52 years, and according to the results of the scientists, Deford is currently in a state of freezing. good. And this freezing work will continue to be maintained, and will not be revived for the time being, because this freezing experiment is mainly aimed at the patient's own wishes. At that time, Deford was suffering from cancer, so he frozen himself. I hope that after a few years, the cancer can be completely relieved, and then he will be resurrected to completely cure cancer.

In response to the wish of Fordford, scientists have also worked hard on this arduous experiment, and this experiment is only in the clinical stage for the time being. The specific experimental data is not perfect enough, so humans have achieved the first to freeze it. Steps, and for the experimental operation of the resurrection, scientists have not yet fully grasped, so this technology can only be temporarily saved. And no one can accurately judge whether the experiment is successful, so the scientists applied the experiment to some animals, but the results are not willing to disclose it. Xiaobian believes that it may be because of failure, after all, if An experiment can be successful, and scientists can't be so secretive.

According to experimental scientists, this frozen human technology is very advanced and operationally authoritative. The main purpose is to inject a dimethyl sulfoxide chemical substance into the patient and store it in a liquid nitrogen tank. However, due to the insufficiency of previous science and technology, dimethyl sulfoxide in Fordford can not support the human body for a long time, so according to the effective investigation results, the body of Fordford has suffered some serious damage. And his brain has therefore suffered some irreversible trends, and this technology is still waiting to be perfected.

Until now, scientists have discovered a medical technology that allows vitrification technology to be introduced into the human body. This technology can make the frozen human body not be damaged by ice crystals, and this technology has greatly enhanced the resurrection of frozen people. possibility. Even so, from the currently known frozen human experiment, there has not been a big breakthrough. So before the freezing technology has been formed, Xiao Bian still thinks that the freezing experiment will end in failure. After all, from a medical point of view, This experiment is simply impossible to achieve. Are you interested in this frozen human technology?

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