Livestock liquid nitrogen tank treatment method

The frozen semen in the livestock industry is alive and will survive only when properly stored. Once the semen is stored in the farm liquid nitrogen tank, the caretaker must properly store and handle it. Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank technology recommends cleaning the jing tank frequently and storing it in the In a well ventilated environment.

The most important thing is that it must be stored in liquid nitrogen, which is - 320 degrees Fahrenheit or liquid nitrogen vapor - 290 degrees Fahrenheit. Semen can be "warm" to -100 degrees Fahrenheit without causing cell damage. Care must be taken when storing a straw to keep the other straws as far as possible in the tank as far as possible to place the neck on the neck and to limit the neck to a few seconds.


• Store your liquid nitrogen tank in a clean, dry place that you can see every day. Do not place the container directly on concrete or where it can be touched. If it starts to frost outside, it will lose its vacuum and you must take quick action to save the content.

• Regularly check the liquid nitrogen level. If the liquid level drops faster than usual, this indicates a problem with the liquid nitrogen tank.


• Be careful if you must move the container. Also, do not place the can on the bottom edge as this may cause damage to the inner support neck. When placing the container, make sure the bottom of the can is perpendicular to the floor and gently lower it.

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