Xinxiang Panshi brand liquid nitrogen tank use method to share

For the more common liquid nitrogen tank specifications 2L, 3L, 6L, 10L, 20L, 30L, the range of use is relatively large, according to market demand, our liquid nitrogen tanks are mainly used in animal husbandry, gas companies, beauty industry, food Industry and so on. When we store the samples, we need to put them in the frozen storage box, mark them and put them on the frozen storage rack. What is the use method for the Xinxiang Panshi liquid nitrogen tank?


Liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank requires us to determine the location of the page. For the purchase of liquid nitrogen, we need to go to the local liquid nitrogen company to buy it directly. If it is not found, search directly on the Internet.

Liquid nitrogen level alarm device setting:

The probe of the liquid nitrogen tank needs to be fixed on the cryopreservation frame. The position of the probe is generally placed on the top of the cryopreservation box. When the liquid level is lower than the position of the probe, an alarm sound will occur, and we need to add liquid nitrogen in time to ensure The cryopreservation effect of cells or samples, we freeze the cell samples, the resuscitation proves the cryopreservation effect, the cell samples with poor effect can be directly discarded, and the cells that meet the standards can be directly stored in the liquid nitrogen tank for storage, low-quality cells. It will cause a waste of space to affect the overall experimental results.


After use, it is necessary to cover the liquid nitrogen tank, lock it, and make a record. Once the liquid nitrogen tank is abnormal, we should promptly repair it. Do not move the sealed interface of the liquid nitrogen tank at random. Otherwise, the whole liquid nitrogen tank It will not be kept warm and will not work properly.

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