Frozen embryos are stored in liquid nitrogen tanks

Is the frozen embryo fertility as healthy as a naturally conceived baby? Will the embryo freeze for a long time after freezing? Will there be a gap in growth and development? Zhao Jing explained that the liquid nitrogen tank is stable at a low temperature of 196 °C. Let the embryo remain in a state of freezing at rest in a quiet, low temperature state. The embryonic room staff carefully cares for these sleeping "princes" and "prinsers" every day. After the “frozen embryo” resuscitation transplant, there is still a high rate of conception. Even older women, because their embryos are still young embryos, the children born after thawed embryo transfer did not increase the probability of birth defects. Children born with frozen embryos are the same as naturally conceived children. Each fertilized egg has a small life and will eventually return to the mother's womb and give birth naturally. Therefore, children born after frozen embryo transfer have no difference in intelligence, physical development, and social ability from children born with natural conception.


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