The world's first frozen person, it should have been thawed now, but why is there no news

The human body freezing technology is to freeze the human body and freeze it. It has been a few hundred years or more, and then thawed and resurrected. It seems to be a very sci-fi technology. It is such a technology that was made half a century ago. .

He is the first frozen person in human history. He is a professor of psychology. He is called James Bedford. In his later years, James Bedford suffered from cancer. He knew that he had not had many days. However, there was always an idea in his heart that he would freeze himself and wait until the future of science and technology to revitalize himself. Resurrection and death, better treatment across time.


At that time, some people were already doing experiments on cryonics. Because James Bedford knew the people who did the research, they also sent an invitation, so James Bedford agreed to freeze his body. . In fact, he himself knows that this newly born technology can't really freeze and resurrect himself. He just wants to help this experiment. Maybe this technology will benefit the future.

As he wished, after the death of James Bedford, the relevant experts carried out a human cryopreservation operation. Since that time, cryonics technology was just born, many standards are not perfect, the refrigerant used is dimethyl sulfoxide, this refrigerant is not suitable for long-term freezing, and James Bedford's body in the process of storage The process of warming has been experienced, so in the process of warming up, ice crystal has pierced the cells and has lost the chance of resurrection.


The current stage of cryonics technology is cruel, that is, "just freeze, no matter how live", just freeze it now, no matter whether it can be revived in the future, it is only hope that the future of science and technology will develop rapidly.

Why is the difficulty of resurrection so high?

This is because, when freezing the human body, the body is placed in a liquid nitrogen tank at -196 ° C, freezing is easy, and thawing is difficult, because in human cells, the most content is water, in the process of warming up, from - 196 ° C to normal temperature, if not completed in an instant, it will definitely cause cell damage. In addition, the brain is the most difficult to freeze. The difficulty is: when to freeze, if it is frozen when the patient has died, then It’s too late, because once it is determined that the brain is dead, the damage to the brain cells is irreversible. What is the significance of freezing again?


Moreover, the entire process of freezing takes several hours and cannot meet the technical requirements at all. Therefore, the current stage of cryonics technology is only an attempt and a hope for the future.


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