The guy poured liquid nitrogen into the cola, and the moment he turned it was stunned


A man from abroad had nothing to do. On this day, he moved the liquid nitrogen stored at home to the outdoors and started a wonderful experiment. The man carried a bottle of Coca-Cola with him, and after dumping some of it, he poured some liquid nitrogen into it. Coca-Cola.


Then liquid nitrogen boiled a lot of "smoke" in the cola, but when the man turned the cola upside down, everyone instantly felt dumbfounded! The cola bottle flew directly into the sky, the power was amazing, and it burst into the sky instantly. So that men have no time to react.


You may think that the carbon dioxide in the cola is playing a trick, but when the man picked up the cola bottle and filled it with water, pour liquid nitrogen again, and turned the cola bottle upside down, the same phenomenon happened, and even the power was stronger than before. Many times stronger!


The Coke bottle ran directly into the sky. As a result, the man looked up and could not find the shadow of the Coke bottle. When the man saw this scene, he was happy to bloom. For him, this was simply amazing. Do you know what's going on?

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