The man froze the fish with liquid nitrogen and put it into the water, but he did not expect such a result


A man suddenly opened his brain recently to try a new experiment. Liquid nitrogen is a fast-cooling chemical element that can freeze an animal instantly. The man wants to try if the fish is frozen with liquid nitrogen. What reaction will it die immediately?


With this idea, the man acted. He took out the big black fish that his mother bought back for eating, put it in a plastic bucket, and then poured the liquid nitrogen that had been prepared directly with his friends. On the fish's body, a thick mist generated by the instant cooling of liquid nitrogen floated from the bucket.


When the thick fog disappears, look at the state of the fish. It has been completely frozen by liquid nitrogen, and the body is still covered with a layer of white liquid nitrogen. The fish is completely inactive in this state. Yes, it may have died. Then the man picked up the fish and threw it into a pot of water at room temperature. I saw that the white substance on the fish slowly disappeared, and soon returned to normal. It ’s like nothing happened. The man was surprised by the result. I did n’t expect that the frozen and stiff fish could survive. My friends, do you know why the fish is still frozen?


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