Freezing technology of liquid nitrogen tank in cutting process

  Low temperature cutting using liquid nitrogen is to use liquid nitrogen to keep the tool or cutting area in a low temperature cooling state for cutting. After using liquid nitrogen as cutting fluid, it will directly volatilize into gas and return to the atmosphere without any pollutants. Liquid nitrogen freezing has two direct and indirect application methods.


  Direct application method: Just spray liquid nitrogen directly into the cutting area as a cutting fluid. In general, diamond tools cannot be used for machining ferrous metals due to severe tool wear. A scholar in the United States uses a liquid nitrogen freezing system to turn diamond tools for stainless steel. The low temperature suppresses the diffusion and graphitization of carbon atoms, greatly reduces tool wear, and achieves excellent processing quality.


  Indirect application method: It is mainly the tool cooling method, that is, the tool is continuously cooled during processing, so that the cutting heat is quickly taken away from the tool, especially the tool tip, and the tool tip is always kept at low temperature. Scholars at the University of Lincoln in the United States carried out experimental research using a PCBN tool equipped with a new cooling system. This tool stores liquid nitrogen in a square box on the top of the turning tool. It is imported from the inlet and flows out from the outlet. Tests have shown that when liquid nitrogen is used for freezing, the tool life is extended by a factor of two, the wear is reduced by 1/4, and a lower surface roughness can be obtained.

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