Soaking yourself in liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees will not frostbite. It turned out to be the Leidenfrost effect.

The temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196 ° C. If you put a branch in liquid nitrogen and then take it out, if you push it lightly, the branch will have many knots; but if you put your hand in liquid nitrogen, take it out again. , But the hand will not be frostbite, why is it so?


For another example, I believe that many friends who watch the NBA know that James, Wade and other stars will enter the liquid nitrogen for a while after the game, which can constrict blood vessels, reduce tissue metabolism, and inhibit inflammatory reactions. Why can't people be frostbite?


In fact, there is a scientific basis behind this-the Leidenfrost effect.

The Fleiton Frost effect refers to the phenomenon that a liquid does not wet a hot surface, but only forms a vapor layer on it, that is, when the liquid encounters extreme heat, it will turn into an insulating gaseous protective layer. This is why a person's hand will not be injured when placed in liquid nitrogen.


Because the body temperature of a person is 37 ° C, and the temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196 ° C, when the hand is placed in liquid nitrogen, the temperature difference between the two reaches 230 ° C. At this time, liquid nitrogen will vaporize into a gaseous state. Form a protective layer between your hands and liquid nitrogen to protect your hands from frostbite.

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