Why liquid nitrogen tanks can store active substances

Liquid nitrogen tank is also called liquid nitrogen biological container. It is a kind of biological storage container specially for storing liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen storage is usually used to store active biological materials, such as livestock and poultry semen, active vaccines, etc. Why can liquid nitrogen tanks store active substances? Today the manufacturers of liquid nitrogen tanks will introduce them to you. 


Liquid nitrogen tank is a device that realizes its value through the physical characteristics of liquid nitrogen. We all know that liquid nitrogen is a colorless, odorless substance with extremely low temperature. Under normal pressure, its temperature is -196 ° C. The production of liquid nitrogen tanks uses this physical property of liquid nitrogen.

We open the liquid pipe discharge valve at the bottom of the tank, and the liquid nitrogen is discharged through the pipe through the evaporator at the bottom of the tank for vaporization. The vaporized gas enters the top of the tank, and the pressure in the tank that provides liquid nitrogen will be self-pressurized. When the nitrogen tank needs to supply air, the liquid in the tank is pressed out by the pressure in the tank, and then sent to the outside through the pipeline. The liquid nitrogen is released after the vaporizer vaporizes, and the semen or vaccine achieves low temperature in a nitrogen-filled environment. save.


It is also particularly important that when using liquid nitrogen tanks to preserve animal semen, it is important to understand the precautions for using liquid nitrogen tanks.

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