Why do athletes enter the liquid nitrogen freezer after the game? Are they not afraid of frostbite?

Whole body hypothermia treatment has become a popular rehabilitation therapy in competitive sports in recent years. In the eyes of many people, sitting in a refrigerator silly seems to be an unusually strange path to health. But in fact, this kind of cryotherapy under deep hypothermia has been increasingly accepted by the clinical medical community. As the cost of treatment continues to decrease, whole body hypothermia is likely to become more popular in the future.


This kind of physiotherapy equipment is called "rapid freezer" and also called liquid nitrogen freezer, which is cooled by liquid nitrogen. After passing the instrument and adjusting the external conditions, the liquid nitrogen can effectively perform physical treatment after it reaches a temperature that will not damage the human skin. The person being treated is wearing protective gear in temperature-sensitive areas, especially with good heat insulation equipment on both hands, feet, nose and nose, and on the head. Normal athletes will use it for physical therapy after the game! Isn't he afraid of frostbite?


In fact, liquid nitrogen is nitrogen in a liquefied state. Because nitrogen has a boiling point of -196.56 ° C and a melting point of -209.8 ° C, the temperature of liquid nitrogen should be around minus 200 degrees at normal pressure. Athletes generally adjust to a temperature of minus 100 degrees after physical exercise, but they must be tough to perform, and those who are weak need not be!


The quick freeze box does not let the human body directly contact the liquid nitrogen. There will be a compartment in the middle. Generally, athletes will come out after staying for 3 minutes! This way the human body can withstand it! It will not be frostbite! He can achieve contraction The effect of reducing blood vessels, reducing tissue metabolism, and suppressing inflammatory reactions!

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