How to deal with ice jam in liquid nitrogen tank

The liquid nitrogen tank has the characteristics of light weight, easy operation, high reliability and super thermal insulation performance. The unique neck tube design provides sufficient strength for the transportation process. But how to deal with ice jam when using liquid nitrogen tank?


Water and frost on the external surface during infusion is normal. When the boost valve of the liquid nitrogen tank is opened for boosting work, since the booster coil is attached to the inner wall of the outer tube of the liquid nitrogen tank, the liquid nitrogen tank coil will absorb the outside when passing liquid nitrogen. The heat of the cylinder is vaporized to achieve the purpose of boosting, and there may be speckled frost on the outer cylinder of the liquid nitrogen tank. After closing the liquid nitrogen tank booster valve, the frost point will slowly dissipate. When the boost valve of the liquid nitrogen tank is closed and no infusion work is performed, there is water condensation and frost on the outer surface of the liquid nitrogen tank, which indicates that the vacuum of the liquid nitrogen tank has been destroyed, and the liquid nitrogen tank cannot be used any longer.

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