Freezing effect of liquid nitrogen on fruit and vegetable products

The application of liquid nitrogen is very wide, not only has a great effect on medicine, but also has a great effect on fruit and vegetable products.

Liquid nitrogen freezing technology has been widely used in the freezing of fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, green beans, broccoli, strawberries, banana slices, betel nuts and persimmons. The freezing effect is good and the product quality is high. A liquid nitrogen fluidized freezing device was researched. The cucumber freezing test showed that the effect was very good and the liquid nitrogen consumption could be saved. The cold wind temperature during liquid nitrogen freezing has a great impact on the freezing time, dry consumption and quality of green beans. Low-temperature cold air freezing can quickly pass through the largest ice crystal growth area, reducing cell damage and improving the quality of green beans. Too low or too high cold air temperature is not conducive to the freezing and industrial production of fruit and vegetable products.


Liquid nitrogen frozen broccoli results show that: the freezing time of broccoli is shortened, but as the cold wind temperature is reduced, the time shortening is also reduced. When the cold wind temperature is lower than -40 ° C, the freezing time curve changes to flat,- The freezing time at 40 ℃ is not much different from the freezing time at -45 ℃. The freezing time in the temperature range of 0 to 5 ° C accounts for 40% of the total freezing time, so the freezing time of 0 to 5 ° C directly determines the final freezing effect of broccoli. Studies have shown that liquid nitrogen is frozen at a temperature below -50 ° C. Strawberry frozen products are stored in a refrigerator at -26 ° C for 9 months, and the juice loss rate during thawing can be lower than 5.8%, which can well maintain the strawberry's Nutrition and commodity value

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