Detailed process description of frozen semen preservation using liquid nitrogen

The preservation process of frozen semen:

1. The package of frozen semen must clearly indicate the bull breed, bull size, production date, sperm viability and quantity, and then fill the frozen semen into the liquid nitrogen tank lifter according to the bull breed and bull size, and immerse it in fixed liquid nitrogen. Store in a tank.

2. Periodically add liquid nitrogen, so that the frozen semen or tube semen stored in the tank is not exposed to the liquid nitrogen surface, and the liquid nitrogen capacity cannot be less than 2/3. The semen packaging tied with a rope, do not hang in the liquid nitrogen tank for a long time due to tangling of the rope, so that the semen fails to immerse in the liquid nitrogen to increase the temperature.


3. When extracting frozen semen in liquid nitrogen, do not raise it outside the liquid nitrogen tank.

And placed under the neck of the tank. Use a flashlight to take care of it clearly, use a camera to take semen to achieve accurate targets and sharp movements. The semen should not exceed 5 seconds for each time the liquid nitrogen is released.

4. The liquid nitrogen tank for storing semen should be placed in a dry, cool, ventilated and safe special room. It should be placed horizontally without tilting. Always check the lid for leaking nitrogen.

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