2 liters portable liquid nitrogen tank characteristics

YDS-2-35 is a two-liter portable aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen tank. Both liquid nitrogen tank and low temperature refrigerator can be used for low temperature storage of samples, but the temperature in the liquid nitrogen tank can reach -196 degrees lower At this temperature, the sample's life activity basically stops, which is more conducive to long-term storage.

Portable liquid nitrogen tank YDS-2-35 Features:

1. Made of high-strength aluminum alloy, advanced evacuation process and multilayer insulation technology, to ensure extremely low liquid nitrogen evaporation loss rate,

Greatly improves the economics of the product.


2, using plastic spraying technology to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional process of paint drop;

3, can be equipped with a lid lock to ensure the safety of the sample;

4, equipped with a protective sleeve to protect the tank;

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