What effect does liquid nitrogen have on the human body

Liquid nitrogen is a liquid at a low temperature of -196 ° C, which is colorless, odorless, and non-toxic. Long-term storage is in a liquid nitrogen tank, temporarily stored in a thermos cup.


Liquid nitrogen is a very low temperature liquid that may freeze the skin. But in general, it doesn't matter if it splashes on the skin, but it was cooler at the time. Liquid nitrogen freezing treats spots on the skin and so on. That is to keep freezing. The pain is still tolerable. The splash of liquid nitrogen into the skin is almost negligible. But even this process of liquid nitrogen operation still requires caution. In addition, liquid nitrogen has an oxygen-exhausting property. If the space is relatively small during operation, ventilation needs to be maintained, otherwise it will cause hypoxia of personnel. If it is said that liquid nitrogen is dangerous, it is harmful to the human body. In addition, can liquid nitrogen foods be used? As long as the purity of liquid nitrogen meets food standards, it is absolutely necessary to know that most of the components in the air are nitrogen.

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