What are the requirements for liquid nitrogen tanks when welding

Everyone knows that the liquid nitrogen tank belongs to the stainless steel storage tank and needs to be welded. In fact, the quality of the storage tank welding can affect the use time of the storage tank. Today Xinxiang Panshi Co. , Ltd. liquid nitrogen tank manufacturers will tell you what requirements it has when welding.

1. The storage tank you want to weld should meet the relevant requirements of the welding process and welding materials.

2. When welding the top plate of the large storage tank and the angled angle steel, the main welding seams should be symmetrically and uniformly distributed, and the welding should be carried out in sections in the same direction.


3. Weld the inner weld first, then the outer weld later, and the radial long weld should adopt the symmetrical welding method of the gap, and desolder from the center outward.

4. Check the assembly quality before welding, remove the rust, moisture and dirt in the range of 20㎜ on the groove surface and both sides of the groove, and fully dry.

5. When the depth of the defect or the grinding depth exceeds 1 补, repair welding should be performed and smoothed.

6. Defects exceeding 0.5㎜ Scratches, arc scratches, welding scars and other harmful defects shall be polished smoothly. The thickness of the polished steel plate shall not be less than the nominal thickness of the steel plate minus the negative deviation value.


7. For tank wall welding, first weld the vertical welds, and then weld the circumferential welds. After the longitudinal welds of the adjacent two wall panels are welded, then weld the circumferential welds in between; the welders are evenly distributed and follow Weld in the same direction.

8. Tack welding and welding of work jigs should be performed by qualified welders. The arc striking should not be on the base metal or the finished bead.

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