What to pay attention to when storing samples in a liquid nitrogen tank

We often use liquid nitrogen tanks to store samples. Liquid nitrogen tanks are dangerous materials. Please pay attention when using them. Today I will tell you about the precautions for using liquid nitrogen tanks to store samples.

1. The liquid nitrogen tank uses a freezer to store samples.

2. The barrel wall is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, but to prevent violent collision.

3. There is a black plastic cover above the rear part, which contains the vacuum seal of the tank body. Do not squeeze it.

4. To measure the liquid nitrogen level, use the measuring ruler provided.


5. The liquid nitrogen tank is equipped with an alarm. Please check the battery regularly for regular use. The battery is a commonly used nine-volt battery. If you replace the battery, please be careful not to pull the probe cable to prevent the alarm from malfunctioning due to the broken wire.

6. It is recommended to regularly check the liquid nitrogen surface with a measuring ruler to prevent sample failure due to alarm failure.

7. It is recommended that detailed records be taken for each sample taken and liquid nitrogen added to prevent leakage (the liquid nitrogen tank is full and the amount of liquid nitrogen volatilization is minimal)

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