Liquid nitrogen is widely used in low temperature work

Liquid nitrogen is widely used in cryogenic therapeutic instruments. It is a cryogenic therapeutic instrument using liquid nitrogen as a cold source. It is currently the most widely used and rapidly developing cryogenic therapeutic instrument. Reasons why liquid nitrogen is used for low temperature treatment:

Nitrogen accounts for 75.6% in the air and 78.05% of the volume of air. Liquid nitrogen is a by-product of the production of oxygen, so it has abundant sources and low prices. Liquid nitrogen is a very low temperature, non-combustible, non-self-igniting liquid. 196 ° C, which is lower than liquid oxygen and liquid air. The latent heat of vaporization is high. It can absorb a lot of heat during vaporization and make the tissue quickly cool. Therefore, liquid nitrogen is widely used in low temperature treatment. The liquid nitrogen therapeutic apparatus used for body surface treatment is generally small in volume and portable, and spraying liquid nitrogen directly on the tissue can make the surface tissue cool down more quickly and be damaged.


The liquid nitrogen is packed in a liquid nitrogen bottle, and the probe can usually reach -165 ~ -195 ℃. According to the size of the probe, generally, there are 9 low temperature probes that use liquid nitrogen as a cold source. The inner tube transports liquid nitrogen to the tip of the low temperature probe. The annular gap between the inner tube and the intermediate tube circulates the refluxing gaseous nitrogen. The annular gap between the middle tube and the outer tube is vacuum insulated to reduce the loss of cooling during the liquid nitrogen transmission process. At the same time, when used to treat human tissues, it can prevent liquid nitrogen from damaging normal human tissues. The tip of the probe can be designed into different shapes according to the specific needs of the treatment (as shown in the figure). When the low-temperature probe contacts the tissue, the heat transfer process is more efficient.

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