Liquid nitrogen is used in medical care - clinical medicine

Liquid nitrogen is currently the most widely used cryogen in cryosurgery. It is the best refrigerant found so far, and it is injected into a cryo-medical device. Just like a scalpel, it can be used for any operation. Freezing is a treatment that uses low temperatures to destroy the tissue of the lesion. Due to the rapid changes in temperature, the crystals inside and outside the tissue are formed, causing the cells to dehydrate and shrink, so that the electrolyte changes, and the freezing can also slow down the local blood flow, and the blood vessels of the microvessels are stagnant or embolized to cause cell hypoxia.

Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy for the treatment of nodular pruritus, mucinous cyst, multiple vulgaris and neurodermatitis using liquid nitrogen direct injection method for the treatment of chronic pharyngitis, spraying liquid nitrogen directly on the surface of the lesion, cooling fast, deep, wide, And can eliminate the middle ground and receive satisfactory near-term results. Each freeze-thaw cycle is controlled at about 1 minute, with 4 to 5 freeze-thaw cycles. Only once a week.

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