2L Liquid Nitrogen Tank

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Liquid nitrogen container,Liquid nitrogen tank,Dewar tank

Liquid nitrogen tank is a kind of container used to store liquid nitrogen of low temperature. Liquid nitrogen tank has liquid nitrogen storage tank of storage type and liquid nitrogen transport tank for transport. Storage tank is mainly used for indoor liquid nitrogen storage, and it can’t be move for a long distance in the working state. In order to meet the transport requirements, transport tank is made out with a special shock-proof design.  So transport tank can be used as storage tank, but also as transport tank. However, the strong shake or collision still should be avoided.

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2L Liquid Nitrogen Tank

2L Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Drawing of liquid nitrogen tankLiquid nitrogen container,Liquid nitrogen tank,Dewar tank


YDS-series products are mainly made up of outer shell, inner vessel, neck tube, multi-layer isolating material and canisters.
1.The outer shell and inner vessel are made of the aluminum alloy plate featuring light weight, high cryogenic strength and corrosion resistance.
2.The neck tube is made of glass-fiber reinforced plastics featuring of high mechanical strength and low heat conductivity.
3.The multi-layer insulation is composed of the reflecting screen of aluminum foils with high reflectivity and insulation material with low heat conductivity and low gas-passing speed to reduce heat radiation.
4.The jacket between the outer shell and inner vessel is of high vacuum to prevent thermal convection. Moreover, an adsorbent with a high adsorbing capacity at the cryogenic temperature is used to ensure the long-term stable and reliable performance of the dewar with more than five-year life service.



Liquid nitrogen container,Liquid nitrogen tank,Dewar tank



Liquid nitrogen container,Liquid nitrogen tank,Dewar tank

1. Active preservation of animal semen.
    It is mainly used for the preservation of semen from excellent breeds such as cattle and sheep, as well as semen from animals, as well as long-distance transportation and storage.
2. Activity preservation of biological samples.
    Vaccines, bacterial strains, cells, and human and animal organs in the biomedical field can be immersed in liquid nitrogen stored in a liquid nitrogen tank for long-term active storage. When it is needed, take out the thawing and rewarming and use it.
3. Cryogenic treatment of metal materials.
    The cryogenic treatment of the metal material by the liquid nitrogen stored in the liquid nitrogen tank can change the metallographic structure of the metal material and significantly improve the hardness, strength and wear resistance of the metal material.
4. Cryogenic assembly of precision parts.
    After the precision parts are cryogenically treated with liquid nitrogen, assembly is performed to improve the assembly quality of the parts, thereby improving the overall performance of the equipment or the instrument.
5.Refrigeration and freezing in the medical and health industry, medical surgical refrigeration.

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